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Bok: Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em

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Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em

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This is a step-by-step comprehensive manual for making money at hold'em poker. Two-two powerful chapters will teach you one lesson at a time. Great practical advice and concepts with examples from actual games and how to apply them to your own play. Lessons include: Starting Cards, Playing Position, Which Hands to Play, Raising, Check-raising, Tells, Game/Seat Selection, Dominated Hands, Odds, and much more. This book is already a huge fan favorite and best seller!

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Vikt (gram) 666
Författare Ken Warren
Upplaga 1
Förlag/Distributör Cardoza
Utgiven februari 2004
Språk Engelska
Sidor 416
Band Pocket
ISBN-10 1580420850
ISBN-13 9781580420853


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Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold'em


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