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Black Jack / Craps filtduk

Black Jack / Craps filtduk

249,00 kr

Championship Tournament Poker

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Bok: Championship Tournament Poker
Bok: Championship Hold'em

Championship Hold'em

149,00 kr

Championship Hold’em

149,00 kr

Hard-hitting hold’em the way it’s played today in both limit cash games and tournaments. Get killer advice on how to win more money in rammin’-jammin’ games, kill-pot, jackpot, shorthanded, and other types of cash games. You’ll learn the thinking process before the flop, on the flop, on the turn, and at the river with specific suggestions for what to do when good or bad things happen plus twenty illustrated hands with play-by-play analyses. Specific advice for rocks in tight games, weaklings in loose games, and experts in solid games, this book shows how hand values change in jackpot games, when you should fold, check, raise, reraise, check-raise, slow-play, bluff, and tournament strategies for small buy-in, big buy-in, rebuy, incremental add-on, satellite and big-field major tournaments. Wow! Easy-to-read and conversational.

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