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Poker tournament strategies

Poker Tournament Strategies

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Winner’s Guide to Texas Hold’em Poker

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Bok: Winner's Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker
Bok: How to Win the Championship: Hold'em Strategies for the Final Table

How to Win the Championship

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How to Win the Championship

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T.J. Cloutier, one of the world’s greatest tournament players, gives specifica dvice on how to get to the final table where the big money is made – and then how to win it all!

For players hungry to win hold’em and Omaha tournaments, the world’s greatest tournament player gives specific advice on how to get to the final table where the big money is made-and then how to win it all! Players learn how to build up enough chips to make it to the final table and give themselves the best chance of winning the title, the trophy, and the money, using the same strategies that have taken T.J. Cloutier to the championship table of more tournaments than any player in the history of poker. Thirty-five chapters discuss key concepts: stack sizes, antes and blinds, table position, opponents styles, chip count of players, number of tables remaining, and tons of other concepts found nowhere else.

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