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Annie introduces women not only to the basics of Texas Hold'em, but the differences of playing against the opposite sex. In this first ever DVD of it's kind, Annie reveals her secrets on how to gain confidence, avoid pitfalls and turn the tables.

Annie Duke’s Girl’s Guide

179,00 kr

The Official Poker: Shuffles & Cuts

159,00 kr
The Official Poker, Vol. 3: Shuffles & Cuts

The Official Poker: Card Stunts

159,00 kr

Poker Columnist and Entertainment Award winner Rich Ferguson is known around the world for his originality and unique approach to cards, chips and more. This DVD is packed with 40 of the hottest stunts and tricks you have seen on television or at a poker games – all explained in detail by Rich!

Also included are 15 techniques by Rich that have never been revealed to the public

  • until NOW! Top Turnover
  • Under Turnover
  • Deck Turnover
  • Barndoors
  • Why Flip
  • Snap Change
  • Pocket Turn
  • Explosion
  • Single Hand Whirl
  • Two Hand Whirl
  • Air Whirl
  • Psych Twirl
  • Montecito Bowed Down
  • Montecito Bowed Up
  • Palm Change
  • Face Plam Change
  • Spring Set
  • Flippant
  • 3 Card Flippant
  • Throw Buckle
  • Toss Buckle
  • Antigravity Buckle
  • Hype
  • Slide Turn
  • Slide Change
  • Boomerang
  • Two Card Boomerang
  • Osos Toss
  • Deal Throwing
  • Jay Grip/Card Throwing
  • Pinch
  • Diamond Toss
  • Pivot
  • Standard Two Card Shuffle
  • Two Finger Shuffle
  • Endless Shuffle
  • Boomerang Deal
  • Pinky Deal
  • Pullover
  • Snap-over
  • Slip

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